Bandana With A Beaded Fringe

Claudia Lister
Prince Edward Isle Training Commissioner
Guider, 1st Montague Pathfinders

We made these a few years ago with Guides. Buy cheap Western Bandannas. Fold the square in half into a triangle, now fold it in half again so you have a triangle 1/4 the size of the bandanna. Make sense so far? Should look like a 1/4 triangle of toast.

You cut one small triangle out of all thicknesses about half way down the sides of the Bandanna. This leaves you something to tie around your neck. Now cut approx. 2" slashes along the hem from the cut-out triangle to the point so you have a fringe, with each "fringe" 1-2" wide.

NOW, you take the pony beads and thread 2-4 beads on each "fringe", and you have a beautiful beaded Western bandanna.

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