Wooden Bird House

Contributed by:
Carla Flegel
Lighthouse Guides, Canada

The first ones we made were of a peaked house design, but the extra cutting is unnecessary.

Collect up your tools:

Doing the Project:

To start the project, have each girl get out a pot and a piece of cereal box. Cut the piece of cereal box to fit the inside of the pot, and glue it into the inside.

Give each girl two pieces of wood and have them nail them together. Hint: I also have some scrap pieces of wood to put down to protect the floor of the meeting place!

On the back piece of wood have them draw, with the ruler, an X from corner to corner to find the center for the circle.

Using the drill and 1” bit, you hold the piece of wood in place (this is the scary bit!), and they put the little point of the drill bit in the center of the X and make the hole through the two pieces of wood. Then use the sandpaper to smooth it off.

Using the drill and a medium sized bit (depends on the string you use), drill two holes in the top to thread the string through.

Using the drill or screw driver have them attach the pot to the back of the wood piece. They only need two of the four corners with screws in them, but we did all four corners “in case” they went in too far and crack the pot. If they do you can take out the screw and go to an alternate corner. Fasten one top and one bottom corner.

Now comes the fun part. Decorate the front of your house any way you wish to make it inviting for your feathered friends. The girls had amazing fronts with all their treasures.

This sounds quite involved, but it went amazingly fast, and the girls were thrilled with having used all these tools and made something. And there was not a lot of prep work like most bird houses!

If you are working on the Canadian Guide program, you have now managed to do the following :
Encountering level : Horizons: 1b
Exploring level      : Outdoor environment: 3a
                            : Horizons:  2a

Now you can talk about birds and who will live in this great home!

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