Bread Beads

Tammie Peterson
Lifetime Member, Leader, Junior Troop 5051
Mid-Continent Girl Scout Council
Kansas City, USA

Each girl had a slice of bread and tore it up into tiny pieces and put them in a cup, then added 3 spoonfuls of white glue. We used plastic spoons - not an exact measure by any means. Stir it as best you can and then pick up the oooey gooey mess and work it, knead it and play it until almost magically it turns into a smooth ball of dough. Fashion your beads and make a hole in them with a tooth pick. Some of our girls made pins instead, one girl made an adorable teddy bear pin.

My girls are 9 and 10 years old and at first they hated this! They though it was way too messy, most of then complained loudly. One girl just sat quietly working her "mess" and truly magically, her ball was the first to turn into a nice messless ball. Give it a try, I thought it was fun:)

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