Bubble Blowers

Winifred McGee
Leader, Cadette Girl Scout Troop 1957 (and sometimes resident camp helper)
Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

Cut off the "neck" of a 2-liter bottle. Use the cut end (hopefully cut evenly), setting it in a pie pan of bubble stuff. Lift it out; you should see a coating up on the inside. Blow through the hole that used to have the screw cap on---and big bubbles should come out.

We made these as a by-product of wind socks (using the center section as the sock). The bottoms were used to hold white glue for pasting decorations on the wind socks.

A real use of every piece of the bottle except for the lid (which we still could have used in many ways).

When the kids (it was a co-ed camp) were finished pasting their wind sock, they took the neck end and went outside the craft cabin to blow bubbles. This was their favorite activity!!!

Judy Brennan
Mid Continent Girl Scout Council


  • 35 mm film canister
  • small piece of plastic canvas
  • 30" plastic lanyard
  • 1 pony bead
  • 2 oz. bubbles


  • Cut a piece of plastic canvas 5 holes wide and 12 holes long. Be sure to keep plastic mesh intact on both sides.

  • Counting down six holes, cut in from each side, one hole, making a paddle shape that is 3 holes wide at one end and 5 holes wide at the other. This is the bubble wand.

  • Punch a small hole in the lid of the film canister.

  • Thread one end of the lanyard through this hole from outside inward.

  • Thread the lanyard through the center of the 3 hole end of the plastic bubble wand.

  • Bring the lanyard back up through the same hole in the lid of the canister.

  • Draw both ends even and place the pony bead over both lanyard threads.

  • Hot glue the pony bead to the top of the canister lid and also glue the bubble wand to the inside of the lid.

  • Fill the canister with bubbles, replace the lid on the bottom and tie the ends of the lanyard together to form a necklace.

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