Colorful Butterfly Trail

Anne Saywell
Wise Owl, 1st Beaminster Brownies
Dorset, UK

You might like to know about the very sad tale I tell about the most beautiful butterfly in the world that has been kidnapped by the Ogre of Beaminster! The butterfly has managed to send out an SOS message, asking the Brownies to rescue her. The shock has deprived her of all color. The girls are asked to follow a trail of caterpillars. Whenever they reach a cocoon, they will have to search for something to help the butterfly to regain her color and pattern. The last cocoon will give them instructions on how to find the butterfly. I send them out in sixes and tell them how many cocoons they will need to look out for and at each one provide crayons, or colored pencils, fibre tips, scraps of wool, gummed coloured shapes, gold and silver stars, anything we have in stock that could be used for the purpose. Have an empty butterfly shape hidden near the last cocoon... At the end, display everyone's completed butterfly.

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