Donna Haggerty
Leader: Cadette & Senior Group 3033, Co-Service Unit Manager, Co-Outdoor Consultant,
Co-Organizer, Program Consultant, Service Unit Secretary, Delegate, Trainer
Girl Scouts of Genesee Valley
Western New York State, USA


  • for each calender you need 12 large sheets of construction paper (approx. 18 X 9 inches). I photo copied off the calender pages for each girl for the upcoming year.
  • glue


I made calenders with my Daisies one year for them to give as Christmas gifts and the parents really enjoyed them.

Place your construction paper in front of you so the narrow side is at the top and glue the calender page for the month you are working on, to the bottom half of the construction paper. Then decorate the top half any way you want.

Some examples:

I cut out kite shapes from scraps of print material, and put out all the leftover bits of ribbon I had. The girls glued on the kites and added ribbon tails.

Cut a large umbrella shape from wall paper scraps and boots from vinyl scraps. Using aluminum foil cut out a large puddle shape and glue to your calendar page. Glue the boots in the middle of the puddle and then glue the umbrella over the tops of the boots. We added a pipecleaner handle to our umbrella and then drew on some raindrops with our crayons and had a picture of a small child jumping in a puddle.

Use your imagination - come up with a different page that goes with each month - flowers for May, a beach scene (glue on real sand) for July or August, a school bus for September, hand print turkeys for Thanksgiving............

When you have all 12 months finished, punch two holes in the top of each page, stack them up in order and thread a piece of ribbon down through one set of holes and then back up through the other set. Leaving a little slack tie the ends of the ribbon in a bow. The extra bit of slack can be pulled to the back of your calendar and used as the hanging loop.

This kept my girls busy for several meetings, they had a gift that their parents could really use and the parents had a great way to display some of their daughter's artwork. The parents really liked their gifts and it let me use up a lot of the little bits and pieces of craft supplies I had gathered over the years.

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