Ideas For Camp Crafts


Papier Mache

is always a hit, in my experience. I have done a 10 foot totem pole with Cubs, which still stands, some 4 years later at the Scout Centre. Granted. My husband had his Scouts working on Medieval stuff (shields, swords, etc) out of papier mache for a camp last year.


can be a fun/challenging craft. There are books about making kaleidescopes.


can be great, and as simple or elaborate as you want to make them.

Linoleum Cuts

might work, if the camp has, or can afford the tools needed to do the carving.

Woodcarving, soapstone carving, leather work

can all be made interesting, if the money is there for materials. Also, if they could get the wood, they could make bat houses or nesting boxes for (Wood)ducks.

For a cheapie craft:

stamps from fun foam (on film cannisters, or blocks of wood). If you have Sept/Oct Canadian Guider from 1995, the instructions are there, on the ideas to go page - my very own Grand Idea (and local Guiding claim to fame). :-)

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