Pop Can Angels

Sheri Gosewisch
Leader, Cadette Troop 727
Peacepipe Girl Scout Council
Minnesota, USA




  1. scrunch top of pop can - leave bottom straight so angel can stand (top should look like face of angel with mouth open to sing). Spray paint cans white (do this ahead of time).


  1. Paint the top of can flesh color for face. Let dry.
  2. Cut and shape halo out of gold pipe cleaner. Set aside.
  3. Cut and fold about 16-18" piece of paper twist in half and wire together for wings. Set aside.
  4. Along the bottom of can do a border with the gold paint(an easy decorative border can be made with bottom of small paint brush- dip in gold paint and make dit dots for flowers, and then dip in paint and dot on can in half circle without re dipping for consecutively smaller dots (makes a lacy look) make sure to help the girls by reminding them not to smear the dots accidentally.
  5. Do the face with the sharpee markers (cute with closed eyes and eyelashes) and a dot for nose(can opening is mouth).
  6. Use pink chalk or blush and blush the cheeks with cotton swabs.
  7. Glue on moss around top of face for hair and glue halo into hair.
  8. Glue paper wings on the back.
  9. Fold a 2" piece of sheet music ribbon in half and glue on to look like angel is holding music and singing.

Have the girls work slowly with border on bottom of can - good idea to take a break for snack to let front half dry and then paint back. (Tacky glue works best it is thicker and holds faster.)

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