Candle in a Wreath Ornament

Rebecca Mortenson
Pine Valley Girl Scout Council
Georgia, USA


  • 1 - 12 inch chenille stick (green or red)
  • 25 - 6mm round red beads
  • 24 - 18mm green starburst beads
  • 10 - white tri-beads
  • 1 - yellow rice bead
  • 1 white ribbon bow (could be green or red)
  • ornament hanger
  • low melt glue gun


  • Take one round bead to the end of the chenille stick (leave about 1/2 on end)

  • Follow round bead with a starburst.

  • Alternate between round beads with the starbursts.

  • When all of these are on, form chenille into a circle, twist ends together.

  • Point the long end of leftover chenille into center of circle.

  • Place the tribeads on this piece to form candle.

  • Top with yellow rice bead to form flame.

  • Glue white bow ribbon on with low-melt glue gun.

  • Use ornament hanger to hang from tree.

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