Candy Mouse

Sherrie Cunningham



  1. Fold a small piece of felt in half and cut it as if you were making a heart, but don't make the two humps as if it were a heart - make it kind of flat.
  2. While the felt is still folded cut two small slits on the fold (big enough for the candy cane to slide into it).
  3. Glue eyes on.
  4. To make the ears you need to cut two slits at the head of the mouse (where ears should go) and make a long hour glass shape making the tips point. Thread the ears through the slits.
  5. Put the candy cane into the slits with the curved in of the cane sticking out of the tail end of the 'mouse' (fat end of the 'heart'). There you have it - a Christmas mouse that you can hang on the tree by his tail.

These instructions might not be too clear, but if you take a piece of paper and try it now I know you will see what I mean. It is a very easy craft and cute.

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