Table Centrepiece

Karen McNaughton
Troop 250
GSC of Greater St. Louis



--remove lid from bottle
--cut around bottle about 5" from the top (discard bottom section)
--trim top section so that it sits flat
--attach flower to the center of the plate with hot glue or caulking
--attach lid to plate so that flower is 'captured' inside the 'dome'
--tie ribbon(s) around the neck of the bottle
--add a pinch or two of glitter through the bottle opening
--when glue (or caulking) dries, insert candle

I used a large daisy and 3 1/4"-ribbons in blue, green, and white with a green plate. Substitute what goes in the dome as needed: at camp use pinecones and acorns, for beach themes use shells and sand rather than glitter, for Valentines use candy and a rose bud.