The Christmas Chain

Janet Hay
2nd Armstrong Brownies

How To Make The Christmas Chain

My daughter made the christmas chain a couple of years back and I just came across it again.

For the top either use a gold star or cardboard covered with foil paper on which you can glue a christmas poem or ?

Then cut 12 red and 12 green strips of construction paper. Have the girls make a paper chain, alternating red and green paper stips. Attach the chain to the top part. Tell the girls to take it home and remove one chain every day leading up to christmas, starting December 1.

You can make it whatever size you want. Try a few until you get the right size for your girls.

Marianne Mitchell
Guider 167th Nepean 'Andover' Rangers

A Variation

I would like to propose a variation which might make it suitable for units with membership of more mixed religious/ethnic backgrounds.

How about also working out a countdown for the number of days until Kwanza (sp?) -- an African festival of lights, I beleive (don't take my word fo rit -- look up exactly what is in a book, please!) or the number of days until Chanukka -- or maybe the number of days of Chanuukka (remove a ring for each of teh days ...) You could choose colours appropriate to those festivals. Also, provide for different numbers of rings for those of Orthodox faith who celebrate Christmas on JAnuary 6th

Barb Wright
1st Colwood Sparks &Southern Vancouver Island Area Membership Coordinator
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My daughter brought this home from school last year:

Keep this calendar chain in sight

And remove one link every night

and you will see, it becomes quite clear

That Christmas time will soon be here.

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