Cinnamon And Applesauce Dough Teddy Bear Ornaments

Mary Ann McKenney
Marietta, Georgia, USA
Source - This came from an ad for some spice company, it wasn't Spice Island, I think it was McCormick - anyhow it was one of those postcard-sized tearouts in women's magazines about 6 years back.

You could use a cinnamon-applesauce dough. You use about 1/3 applesauce to 2/3 cinnamon. (Add more cinnamon if too mushy, add more applesauce if too dry). You can press a half a paper clip into the head as you mold the bear. It'll dry on its own or you can bake it overnight at about 200 deg. Fahrenheit. You could press in googly eyes as well.

We have done this before and made ballerinas (tutus simply gathered netting and tied around the bear's middle) and ice skaters (a scrap of material for a neck scarf and half a paper clip for each blade).

We have made mice (teardrop shaped body, round ears and a tail of some sort of wire stolen from my husband's workbench - with a half a paper clip stuck in the body before drying) and rolled it out to make stars and hearts. And the bears. Smells great year after year.

If the parts fall off, I just use Elmer's glue to stick them back on.

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