Clay Pot Angels

Meg Williams
Sooner Girl Scout Council



Spray clay pot white on the outside (it may take several coats). Make sure you coat bottom of the pot, too. Heat up your hot glue gun.

Turn the clay pot upside down so she has a pretty white dress. Glue the head (wood knob) on her shoulders and Spanish moss on her head for hair. Cut a piece of the ribbon just long enough to go from the middle of her tummy around the back of her shoulders and back to her tummy. Tack with glue at the tummy and the back of her shoulders. Glue heart gem over spot where her hands meet at her tummy.

Cut the Paper Twist about 1" longer than your angel is tall. Untwist the paper twist. Pinch the paper twist in the center and glue in same spot you glued arms in the back at the shoulders.

If you are talented, paint a face on your angel. I think less is more so I leave her with a natural wood face.

CAUTION: Using glue guns with girls can be scary. Some girls handle them fine at 8 years old, others need close supervision even as adults.

Angels can be made with any size clay pot, provided you can find a wooden knob just the right size for her head to look natural. I get my supplies at Hobby Lobby (they give a discount to Girl Scouts and Michael's doesn't). These angels are a little pricey running at $1.00 or more if there aren't any sales.

We have adapted this idea to make pilgrims for Thanksgiving or Mr. And Mrs. Santa for Christmas. Use your imagination.