Cloth Angel

Rebecca Mortenson
Pine Valley Girl Scout Council
Georgia, USA



Place wad of stuffing in center of material. Using one end of gold chenille, wrap around material to form neck. Straighten chenille up behind head and make a loop on the other end to form halo. Twist into place. Tie gold ribbon around neck with bow in front (not extremely tight). Run wire twist under the gold ribbon on the back - to hold wings. Untwist paper twist. Fold both ends of paper twist to center overlapping - slightly bunch in the center- place in center of wire on back of angel. Twist wire to hold on the wings. Adjust all pieces to finish angel.

This was hard to explain but easy to make. All age levels made at our Holiday Happenings. Faces may be added, I usually leave blank. A ring may be placed in the wire twist (with wings) if angel is to be hung.