Corn Cobs

Tami Katzer
4th Grade Junior Troop 499 "The ladybugs", Co-leader, Junior Consultant
Mid-Continent Girl Scout Council
Olathe, Kansas, USA



For those of you who have enjoyed making Geckos from pony beads I thought you might like to try this. I saw a picture of indian corn made from pony beads in a craft catalog and thought I would try one on my own. It turned out really cute.

Start with 1 bead on the end and then 2 beads on the next row. Then 3 beads. Then 7 rows of 4 beads each. Then back to 3 beads, 2 beads then end up with 1. Tie it off really good. I am not going to try to explain how to thread the beads here because I can't diagram it correctly but if you need to know how go to benfranklin web page and see the gecko. Hope this makes sense. We are making to "cobs" of corn each and then tying them off with dried raffia at the top.

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