Decoupage Wooden Hearts

Linda Shier
1st Mitchell Guides
Mapleway Area Arts Co-Ordinator


  • wooden heart
  • podgy glue
  • fabric squares
  • photos
  • lace


We took a wooden heart approx 6 inches across and 6 inches wide. The heart is approx. 1 inch thick. These can be cut out by a generous father or talented mother or purchased from a wood supply store. This is a nice size to work with but can be done with smaller hearts as well.

We then used podgy to apply small squares of material to the heart. The material I chose was a plain material with rose sections on it so I placed these material pieces around the edge to make a border.

In the center of the heart we had taken pictures of the girls doing crafts at camp and applied this picture in the center using more podgy.

Around the 1 inch thick edge.I placed a strip of fabric to add decoration to it and give it a finished appearance. A lace ruffle was glued to the back of the heart to extend beyond the edges with a ribbon for a hanger.

This craft can be done easily by sparks as podge is just like glueing and doesn't have to be perfect but the rangers would also like it - a great keepsake depending on what picture they chose to put in it.

The picture does not necessarily have to be a photo it can be a picture cut from an old catalogue or calander or Guide magazine. The imagination is the limit.

This is a simple and quick craft and I can't see it costing too much. Some for the wood, podgy, fabric (look for great pieces in remnant buckets as well as discarded clothing) and then of course some lace to go around the edge and ribbon.

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