Dip And Drape Ghost Centerpieces

Linda Gardner
Cadette Troop 2001
Patriots' Trail Girl Scout Council
(around Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

One of my favorite Halloween crafts which we did as a troop was dip and drape ghost centerpieces. We made them for our local Community Supper, but they'd be fun to have in your home, too.

We constructed forms from 2 liter soda bottles. Taped two straws horizontally at the bottle neck for 'arms'. We used straws with the flex end (taped nearest the bottle) so that we could position the 'arms'. Blew up a balloon for the head and taped that on top of the bottle. We used diluted Elmer's Glue for the dipping solution--the less diluted, the faster it dries. Dipped cheesecloth pieces in the solution and draped on their form. Each girl used several pieces for her ghost (I don't remember exactly) Encourage the girls to take some time 'arranging' their ghost and the folds. Make sure the cheesecloth is long enough to have some hanging on the table (when it dries this will be the way the ghost 'stands'). The girls then cut out eyes & a mouth (their own shapes) out of black felt & glued to their ghost. Ours dried within 30-45 minutes. Pop the balloon, and separate the ghost from it's form. They're pretty easy to transport, & I was able to bend some 'back into shape' when they got a little crushed in my car. Cute, inexpensive and the girls can do it all themselves.

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