Easy Reindeer

Sherry Askew
Pines of Carolina Girl Scout Council
North Carolina, USA



  1. Cut out a 1/2" wide x 1-1/2" long strip from one cardboard roll. Cut out another strip just behind this one.
  2. Paint the three cardboard rolls brown. Let dry. Paint the bottom 1 inch of the two uncut rolls black for hooves. With paint markers, paint the eyes and nose on the cut roll, adding a white dot in each pupil and a long comma like stroke on nose after black paint is dry.
  3. Lay the 2 uncut rolls next to each other with hooves on the same end and glue together. Glue head (cut roll) to the font of one of these two rolls, positioning it about 2-1/2" above the bottom edge of reindeer's leg.
  4. Make ears from brown paper bag. Use pink crayon to color the inside of each ear. Crease ears and glue to each side of head.
  5. Glue cotton ball on back of body for tail.

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