Fabric Beads

Betsy O'Day
Senior Troop Organizer, Council Trainer
Heart Of Missouri Girl Scout Council

When the girls were Brownies (US: 7-9 years), we made beads with fabric scraps. You can cut strips from bandannas too.

You cut strips an inch wide. We folded and ironed the sides to the middle so there were be no rough edges. that was a matter of personal preference. It is not necessary and depends on the look the girls want. The length depends on the size of bead desired and should be experimented with by the girls.

Put them in a mixture of one part glue and on part water.

Pull the strip between two fingers to get the excess out and wrap the strip around a pencil to make your bead. Let it dry and pull off the pencil. The hole for the bead obviously is where the pencil was.

Then we added pony beads etc. to make our jewelry.

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