Wallpaper Fans

Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario, Canada

Part 1

First we glued a piece of ribbon or lace along the top edge of the piece of wallpaper to 'finish' it.

Then we made fans. We folded them like an accordian and hot glued the bottom of the fan together.

Then we added a bit of ribbon, some dried or satin flowers near the bottom of the fan. On the inside we rigged up some kind of hook so that they could be hung up. They look very nice on the wall over a bed, or in the bathroom.

Margo Mead
Portland, Oregon, USA

Part 2

With small samples you could make fans by doing the standard back-and-forth folding. If you wanted to fancy it up, you could glue lace along the top (you'd have to let the glue dry before folding). You could also put a bit of gathered lace and a pretty ribbon bow at the bottom where it comes together.

These could be used as table favors for a party, or for something nice to give when visiting a senior citizen facility, or as Christmas tree ornaments. We did these as a craft for Japan at our Thinking Day event (without lace).

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