World Friendship Fund Banks

Linda Shier
1st Mitchell Guides
Mapleway Area Deputy Training Co-ordinator, Mapleway Area Arts Co-ordinator

Using Pop Bottles

We have taken 2 liter size pop bottles and podgyed picture from old Canadian Guiders on it. Then put a small slit in it to insert the change. Works well.

Margaret Fraser
15th Dartmouth Brownies
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Using Pringles Tubes

You could use Pringles chip tubes too.

Or you could even use paper towel or toilet paper rolls and just glue paper, cardboard or felt over the ends to cover them up.

Elizabeth Kilcullen (Liz)
Program Trainer and Developer, Certified Trainer of Trainers, Adult Development Trainer, Chair of the Council Be A Reader Program, Delegate to the Continental Association, Brownie Girl Scout Consultant Member of: Council Recognition Committee, Annual Dinner Committee, Council Program/Property Task Group
Freedom Valley Girl Scout Council
East Norriton, Pennsylvania, USA

Candles Banks

One year we made candles from toilet tissue tubes- covering the two ends with paper(circles cut about 1/2 inch larger than opening, clipping in that 1/2 inch toward center to make it fit around the tube-gluing the clipped pieces to the side of the tube)

Cut construction paper piece that will fit around the tube. We used green. This will cover the clipped edges. Glue or tape a flame to the top. Cut a small slit near the flame for the money.

We made a 'cake' by spraying white, the clear plastic cover from a deli tray (about 18 inches across and about 4 inch high. Small muffin papers or paper treat cups were glued around the edge and center (enough for each candle). Then when it was time for the presentation ceremony, at the appropriate time, each girl brought her candle up and place it on the cake. It made a great picture for the newspaper.

Julie Hawke
695th Toronto Guides and Pathfinders
Westgrove District, Glenview Division, Highland Glen Area
Ontario, Canada
Source - Julie's Co-Guider Mary Machnacky

Using Margarine Tubs

We cut little slots in the top, to make the bank. We brought some old calendars and catalogues, as well as scrap construction paper and stickers, and the girls cut things out and glued them on for decoration. These went over surprisingly well with our Guides, and is also a totally recycled craft.

Louise Kruithof
Pathfinder Guider, camp advisor, trainer, avid camper, etc....
3rd Ancaster Pathfinders
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Other Ideas For Bank Containers

Another good sturdy container is the one that the new dishwasher detergent cubes come in (Electra-sol?). They are really heavy cardboard with a good metal rim top and bottom and a plastic lid.

Another one is the container that dog treats come in. The science diet ones. It also has a good heavy plastic cover.

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