Film Cannister Crafts

Wendy Baker

A Compilation Of Ideas From The Guiding And WAGGGS-L Lists


The film canisters are great for toothbrush holders. Using the film cannister as the garbage can, gluing the lid onto a green pom pom, etc. Your girls might be too old to appreciate owning one of these, but I bet they would have fun making them and giving them to needy kids. Or use the idea at a service unit event.


I plan to use film cannisters to distribute campfire ashes to the members of our troop. Right now we have only a single cannister with all the troop ashes. However I am saving my cannisters to be able to give each member of the troop her own ashes. We use this on each camping trip to mingle the ashes of campfires past with those of the present campfire and we keep a record of all the places these ashes have been.


Cut down from top to make a handle and cut cannister about 1/3 of the way down and cut around to make a dipper. Glue stars on the pot and up the handle like a big or little dipper.


Take the left over lids and using a cardboard or white foamie draw a compass and glue to inside of lid. You can buy really tiny screw eyes to insert in the side to hang it on with.


Same as above but make a trefoil out of felt and glue to inside of lid. You can glue in a circle of blue felt and cut out a yellow felt trefoil. I have also made them with four leafed clovers if you ever find them and put a piece of clear plastic over it.


You can make small templates of the star constellations and tape the paper template to the bottom of black film cannisters and using a strong pin punch through the cannister using the template as a guide. Then you can shine a small flashlight though the hole and it will show up on the side of the tent.


I often do Night Eyes with my girls I have a permanent set made from black vinyl but you can make minutature ones for the camphats with the piece of black film cannister that you cut off when you make frying pans. I soak them in boiling water at home and press them flat with a heavy object. You can then have the girls cut out eye shapes with the reflector tape and they have their own night eye reminders.


I once was at a hike were I was asked to play a game with the girls. I gave them each a film cannister and told them that the Martians had landed at the gate to the park. That they were unable to withstand our atmosphere but they wanted to take back items of nature and had asked if we could in 15 minutes collect small items to take back. The girls had a ball collecting and filling their film cannisters. They were not allowed to pick anything only take loose objects. Some of them still have their cannisters on their hats.


DO NOT use Vinegar and Baking Soda. They react far too quickly. Use 1/4 to 1/3 of an Alka Seltzer and water. Cold water reacts much slower than Hot water. We staple a toilet paper tube to a small paper plate to act as a mortar tube. Be sure to place the canister upside down into the tube and don't look down into the tube while waiting for it to pop. This is a good Outdoor event because it can get rather messy. By the way, the FUJI film canisters (white or clear) work better than the KODAK grey canisters.


Glue a pony bead to the lid in such a way that the hole is exposed. Decorate the cannister with stickers or whatever else your creative spirit can come up with. Cut a small "wand" from plastic canvas. Thread yarn through one end of the wand and through the pony bead and tie into a necklace. Pour bubble solution in the cannister, put the lid on and you've got a bubble wand necklace.


* See another description.

Linda Shier
Mapleway Area Arts Co-Ordinator
1st Mitchell Guides
Mitchell, Ontario, Canada

I would use 5 minute epoxy. Leaders could pre glue the beads in ahead or time or older girls could do this. I would hesitate letting Brownies do it unless you were doing it on a one on one basis because of the mixing of the two solutions. Let dry well and it should keep it firmly in place for a long time to come. (I use this on a lot of permanent type objects as white glue and the glue gun just do not have the holding power).

Wendy Baker
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

What about wiring the bead on and then putting some hot glue under the lid to make it waterproof.

Jane Maddin
GuideZone Co-ordinator of Games and Inspiration
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario, Canada

Try scoring the canister. By that, I mean scrape a rough spot where you are going to glue the bead. The glue needs some little edges to hand on to, the canister is too smooth. A bit of rough sand paper should do the trick, or an exacto knife rubbed on the spot - needless to say, an adult had better use the point of the knife!


Have each girl make a stamp that fits a WAGGGS country for example - Canada - Maple Leaf, Bahamas - Banana, Australia - Kangaroo, England - Crown or teacup, Kenya - Thatch Hutch........ There are enough member countries for everyone...

Make up passport booklets (we used old wallpaper books that had been donated to the group) filled with blank paper.

The girls had to visit each country (each girl in the group) and exchange stamps.


Cut the clear plastic ones in half and add brown felt for the hot chocolate and miniature marshmallows from white felt. Make a handle with pipe cleaner.


As long as you do not punch a hole in the film cannister it makes an excellent waterproof container for matches.


Film canisters also make a great container for handing out small supplies of glue for patrols or individuals. These can be recapped and saved for future use!


Sparks are know how to put on a bandaide, treat a nose bleed and call for help. We took film canister and put a small bandaide, a nose made from model magic, and a note with the emergency number on it (we do not yet have 911) and a quarter and put a sticker on the outside of the canister for the Sparks to remember what they had learnt.


* See another description.


I always save those little sewing kits you get in hotels and they can be made to fit into a film canister.


You can make neat people by gluing a pompom to the lid and dressing your person with pipecleaner arms and a piece of old denim for a dress.


You can make a neat survival kit which contains: waterproofed match, birthday candle, sugar packet, beef bullion cube, bandaide, needle, piece of tin foil etc.


Film canister wrapped in red felt with a rounded red felt "cap" on the top. She had glued on a gray felt hose and nozzle. The tag attached reads "chaos extinguisher."


I have to tell you this story but it is kind of long:

I was at camp one time in a local provincial park and the Pathfinders were foraging for wood to make gadgets. They dragged this long log partially rotten to the campsite and I cut out my trusty hatchet and chopped in into three pieces for a tripod. That night we left the campsite to join another group for Campfire.

When we returned to the site, as usual our daughters had our flashlights and we were walking down the road by the light of the moon. When we got back to our site the ground was glowing where I had chopped the wood. I picked some of the chips up and they made enough glow to almost see by. It was greenish blue in colour and I put some in a box and went to the tents to show the girls. One of the leaders kept saying what if it is radioactive....Well we brought it home and you guessed it the next night it did not glow, it was just a bunch of wood chips. Well I was very curious as to what it was so I wrote a letter to the Provincial Park describing what had happened and it was a couple of months before I received the reply. Actually the answer was sitting on my coffee table but I hadn't read my Canadian Geographic magazine for June/July 1990.

The reply from the Provincial Park said that they had read about this in that magazine and sent me a copy of the article called "How do fireflies do it? The stuff that I had found was called "Bioluminescent fungi" which is a mushroom which grows and "glows" on rotting stumps and logs throughout much of Canada. So I now carry my "Glowing Wood" in a film canister on my camphat with a label that says "Bioluminescent fungi". End of story.

21. Toothbrush Holders

Jill Gordon
42nd Gloucester Brownies/192nd Gloucester Guides
Ottawa Area, Beacon Hill District, Burnwood Division
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada

I know, they contain a chemical from the film but if they are disinfected with Dettol (or similar product) beforehand they're supposed to be okay.

What you do is cut a slit in the middle of the lid, large enough to accommodate the toothbrush handle. Push the lid onto the handle, make sure it's fairly snug so the lid doesn't get lost. Punch a couple of holes on the bottom of canister with a nail. Have the girls decorate the canister so they can identify their container. Once they've brushed their teeth the canister fits overtop of the toothbrush and snaps onto the lid.

Hint, Tip and Friendly Advice:

See our Hot Glue Tip.

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