Finger Weaving

Sally Garnaat
Arizona, USA


  • nylon fabric loops (like for weaving looms to make hotpads).


Take a single loop, hook it over your pinky finger, then twist once before hooking it over the next finger, continue this way until it is looped over 4 fingers (I think that you skip the thumb).

Repeat this process with a 2nd loop, which then rests above the first loop on your fingers.

Now CAREFULLY pull each twist from the bottom loop over the corresponding one from the top loop, and then completely off of each finger. Now the two loops are hooked together, similar to crochet.

Keep adding more loops (one at a time) and weaving them, as described above, until you obtain the length desired.

Then you just have to carefully pull off the final 4 loops and knot them together in some fashion to make the desired product.

I usually pull the 2 outer loops through the 2 inner loops, and then knot them to the other end of the woven piece to make a larger ring for a bracelet, hairband, or hair scrunchy.

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