Giggle Jars

Doug Ernst
Troop Leader, Council Trainer
San Diego Imperial Girl Scout Council
San Diego, USA

Use standard "wide mouth" baby food jars for best results. The juice jars just don't look quite right.

With the lid on the jar, glue two large or three small cotton balls to the lid of the jar. Then run a bead of tacky glue around the edge of the lid. Next cover with a 4 to 6 inch square of some sort of pretty cloth. Hold in place with a rubberband until glue is set - about 15 to 20 minutes (dry is better). Before the glue is set, kinda slide the cloth around to "even out" the folds and pleats. Take lid off the jar and using scissors, trim the cloth flush with the bottom edge of the lid. Remove the rubberband and trim the edge of the lid with lace, or rick rack, or narrow ribbon or ???

You should now have a jar with the lid looking kinda like an understuffed pin-cushion.

Print up the following sayings onto a sheet of paper. I have it on a wordprocessor with 20 sets on one sheet of paper. It's printed sideways on the paper, 4 columns wide and 5 sets tall, 8 point font. When cut out each one is slightly smaller than a business card. Punch a hole in one corner. Tie a short piece of ribbon to each tag. Have the girls take the lid off a jar hold it close to her mouth and "giggle" into each jar. (This is the Brownies favorite part) Then quickly replace the lid, pinching the tags ribbon in the jar.

You say this jar is empty,
Well take another look!
This jar is filled with giggles,
In every little nook.
I put them there for you to save,
For when your life seems low.
So open up when times are sad,
And let my giggles flow.

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