Gingerbread Man Reindeer

Deb Graham
Totem Girl Scout Council

Also suggested by Sheila Fowler
Fort Henry District
Kingston, Ontario, Canada



Cut a gingerbread-man shape out of the cork. Use a cookie cutter for the pattern, or do it freehand. Turn so the "feet" are at the top. The 'feet' are the antlers, the 'arms' ears the 'head' is now the nose. Paint or draw straight lines from end of antlers, meeting in a V where the tummy would be if it was still a cookie. Draw a couple of 45 degree angle lines upward from the main lines. Glue red bead or pompom at tip of nose. Paint or glue wide round eyes centered above the nose. Cut 2 holly leaves from the green fabric. Glue at base of V. Glue bow on top of holly.

These can also be made with stiffened felt, fun foam, or wood. Add a pin or barrette back, or punch hole for ornament. Once you see how it goes, the creativity can get flowing

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