Painted Glass Balls

Ann Bilbrey
Brownie Leader Troop 904
Illinois Crossroads Girl Scout Council
Palatine, USA

This is one of the coolest craft ideas I have ever tried. It actually came from one of those handout sheets from Michael's (a craft store) about 5 years ago. This one actually looks cool no matter what you do!


  • clear glass ornament ball
  • ceramcoat acrylic paint from Delta (a little goes along way)
  • ribbon


Carefully take the metal hanger out of the ball. Drip some paint into the glass ball (drip is an accurate description - you do not want a lot of paint). Swirl the paint around the inside of the ball. Add more paint (different colors) and swirl until inside of ball is coated (you can add glitter inside the ball if you want).

Tie a bow onto the metal cap with the ribbon. Place the metal cap back into the ball (silver and gold look too cool!).

I have tried this successfully with all age groups from the littlest ones (4 year olds) to cadettes. Works great! Great teacher gifts too! Just don't drop them until they dry - very big mess! (hmmmm.....don't drop when they are dry either! ;) )

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