Halloween Spider Decoration

Karen Hobson
Brown Owl, 15th Dartmouth Brownies
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

I saw a neat Halloween decoration that I am now in the midst of creating for my Brownies' (Canada: 7-9 years) Halloween party. I didn't originate this idea, I actually saw it at my dentist's office.

Essentially it is a huge black spider that can be hung from the ceiling. You take a large black garbage bag and fill it with either those Styrofoam bubbles or crumpled up newspapers, and then tape the top shut with either clear packing tape or black tape of some form (duct tape works well, as always). This creates the body (or abdomen, as my daughter informs me is "correct") of the spider. Take three more black garbage bags. Fill one of them about 1/4 to 1/3 full for the head. Make it rather round. Tape onto the body. Next, fold another garbage bag lengthwise into two. Cut down the center. Now fold each half into half again. Cut down the center. Now tape up the sides of each individual piece. You have 4 legs ready for stuffing. Do the same with your last garbage bag. That gives you the other 4 legs. Stuff the legs and tape onto the body. Now stick something onto the head for eyes (1/2 ping pong ball, or circles from a white bag, stuffed and taped on). Tape string onto the back of the spider to hang it with and voila, a giant spider ready to hang down from the ceiling.

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