Holiday Hair Barrettes

Sarah Wilson
Swift Water Girl Scout Council



Glue holiday candy on barrette. Smaller candy can be layered (like holiday M&Ms). Using paintbrush, cover candy with polyurethane (1 coat works, but 2 coats are better, allowing the barrette to dry inbetween coats). Try to remove any drips that are "hanging" off the barrette (with the brush) and would therefore dry in that position. The barrettes can dry on a rack made by nailing large nails into a board or by stringing a piece of string through the barrette and hanging it off of a broomstick suspended between two stationary items. Let the barrettes dry overnight. If kept in a dry, cool place the barrettes can last for years! (can also do this with different holidays, i.e. candy corn for Halloween, Jelly beans for Easter, etc.)

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