Hot Glue Tip

Jocelyne Pasman Ontario, Canada

Make the girls wear those cheap stretch gloves when working with hot glue, any spilled glue will congeal on the gloves, not on the skin...

Carmel Stover - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Individual Finger Gloves - you can choose to wear 1 Individual Finger Glove or 10 if you's the crafters preference. These Finger Gloves cover only the individual fingers, thus stopping the sweaty wet palms associated with the thin throw away plastic gloves. They are made up of 100% pure latex rubber, and are 8 times thicker than the throw away hand glove, which means that they are not only heavy duty, but are also completely re-usable time and time again. They are extremely comfortable and fit like a second skin (some crafters have said that they forget they even have them on). Furthermore, when the Hot Glue dries on the Finger Glove it peels completely off! My original reason for bringing these Finger Gloves to market was because I was so tired of receiving the third degree burns on my fingers from crafting with Hot Glue... the results have been fantastic! I hope you will chose to share these Finger Gloves with your readers, as the crafters that have used these gloves are no less than ecstatic! Thanks so much for your time, and may all Create in Comfort!!

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