Snowman Decoration

Donna Haggerty
Cadette & Senior Group 3033
Girl Scouts of Genesee Valley
Western New York State, USA

Make snowmen decorations out of baby food jars. Just clean three of them out well, pour white paint (use any kind you happen to have handy) INSIDE the jars,swishing it around until the entire inside of the jar is coated. Let dry.

Paint the OUTSIDE of the lids white and let dry also. Then hot glue the jars on top of each other. Make a little stocking cap out of ribbing with a little bell (You can use baby socks for this also.) Hot glue buttons down the front, a piece of orange twist paper for the nose on the top jar, and paint a happy, goofy little face on the top jar also.

Hot glue some little twigs on the sides of the second jar for arms. Use a scrap of material for a scarf and you're done!

Use brown paint in one and make a reindeer instead.

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Contributed on - 31 Oct 1998

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