Claudia, Meaghan and Amy ( 14 year old Pathfinder in the family too)

A simple "cork" craft from the Maritimes... Glue your cork large end down, onto a small piece of blue felt. Glue a small piece of cotton around the bottom of your cork, and make it kind of wispy, like your cork is sitting on a cloud on top of the blue felt. By the way, these are actually waves.

Take a yellow, plastic bead: the kind that is shaped like a daisy or a six pointed star and attach to the top of your cork. (You can use a yellow headed pin to attach if you like.)

Now paint the windows and doors on your LIGHTHOUSE with a black felt pen. VOILA!!! (Obviously, you can make your doors and windows first, if you like - might be easier.) A pin will attach to your camphat. text goes here

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