Morse Code Pin

Helen Archibald, VE2YAK
Pointe Claire, Quebec, CANADA
Source - A GOTA training with Tiger

The idea is you teach the kids about Morse code (always capitalized because it is named after Samuel Morse..) and give them a chart with the dots & dashes. Then they make a bracelet with their name on it in Morse code beads...

Tiger's little Morse code camp-hat-craft-thinga-ma-job-ee-communication-whatcha-ma-call-it.


(Keeping in mind the colours blue and gold)

* gold wire
* small round blue beads
* long gold tube beads
* small round white beads
* diagram of morse code


Depending on how long your name is, cut a piece of gold wire. Knot or loop the end to prevent the beads from falling off. Beginning with the last letter of your name, thread beads onto the wire with the corresponding morse code. For dots, use the round blue beads. For dashes, use the long tube beads. To separate one letter from another, use the round white beads. Once the letters to your name have been completed, knot or loop the wire to once again prevent the beads falling off, and attach to your camp hat. text goes here

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