Napkin Holders

Doris Cavallin
2nd Orleans Guides, Queenswood District,
Eastbrooke Division, Ottawa Area

Material needed are: rectangle of orange crepe paper - approximately 5" x 6", 1/3 of a toilet paper roll, stuffing, black construction paper.

Glue long edges of crepe paper together to make a tube. Now glue one end of crepe paper tube inside paper roll. Now flip crepe paper over roll so that the roll is inside the crepe paper tube. Stuff all the way around the roll, between the roll and the crepe paper (oh my, this is difficult to describe, yet it is so simple to make). now glue the other end of crepe paper tube inside the roll. With construction paper, make jack o lantern eyes, nose and mouth. Makes a really cute, puffy napkin holder. Hope that makes sense. If needs more clarification, just ask and I'll try again.