Pasta Angel Ornament

Yvonne Hewett
Totem Girl Scout Council
Washington, USA

Materials (for one ornament):


  1. Using glue gun or craft glue, cover approximately 1 half of wooden bead with alphabet pasta or rice.
  2. Glue wooden bead to one end of tube pasta so that the rice or alphabet pasta will represent hair. Orient the wooden bead so that an uncovered portion is visible. This will be the face.
  3. Glue the bowtie pasta to the tube pasta on the back side. (The side away from the face.)
  4. Glue the 2 pieces of elbow macaroni on the front of the tube pasta like this: ( ) with enough space in between to attach the faceted bead after painting.
  5. Spray paint with gold or silver paint. Let dry.
  6. Draw on face with permanent marker. Attach wire or ribbon for hanging to back of angel. Glue faceted bead between the 2 pieces of elbow macaroni.

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