Patchwork Pincushions

Kim Dobson
Whiteknights District, Abbey Division
Reading, Berkshire, England
Source - Guiding Magazine September 1997

Cut 14 hexagons out of fabric (pure cotton or poly cotton is best for patchwork), and 14 slightly smaller hexagons out of firm paper.

Tack the fabric over the paper and then join seven hexagons together to make a flower shape, with one in the centre and 6 around the outside. Use an oversewing stitch to join them. Repeat this with the remaining seven hexagons.

Undo the taking stitches and take out the paper. Join the sevens, wrong sides together, and leave one edge open. Turn the cushion through, stuff it and oversew the edge.

Patchwork sevens can also be used to decorate cushions, bags and anything else you can think of!

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