Paperback Book

Judy Brennan
Mid-Continent Girl Scout Council



Cut a 1/8" satin ribbon approximately 14" long. Lay it aside. Cut 5 sheets of paper to a square size. For a smaller book use paper approximately 3 1/2" square. Fold each piece in half from side to side. Open it back up and fold it in half again from the opposite sides but so the folds are bending in the same direction. Now, open it flat and fold against the bends from corner to corner in a triangle. Do this only once. Unfold and crease on the original 2 folds to make a pocket. Do this with each of the five pieces. Using white glue, attach one side of a square to one side of another square, making sure all pocket openings are pointed in the same direction. Continue doing this until all five pieces are joined together leaving only one side at each end free. Cut two pieces of stiffer material (greeting card, poster board, etc.) approximately 1/2" larger square than your quarter folded pieces. Lay these two "covers" next to each other, face down, points touching. Lay the ribbon flat across these and extended outward. Center and glue the remaining two ends of the paper on top of the ribbon and "covers".

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