Piggy Bank

Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
GuideZone Games and Inspiration Co-ordinator
Orleans, Ontario, Canada



You know those little plastic drinking bottles that some kind of juice comes in? If you lay them on their side, glue 4 pompoms for feet (pink ones of course) underneath, a piece of triangular shaped felt for each ear, a little spiral made out of twisted pipe cleaner for a tail, a round piece of felt glued over the opening for a snout. Draw on two dots for nostrils, a smile for a mouth. Two google eyes complete the piggy bank, and you cut the slit in the top before they start.

Hints, Tips and Friendly Advice:

You can do much the same thing with a flower pot (I saw one on TV), but the pot needs to be painted pink, and that needs to dry for half an hour (use pink acrylic paint! Don't get it on good clothing, it only washes out while it is wet, about 2 minutes!!).

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