Pinecone Reindeer Face Ornament

Ginger Schneider
Girl Scout Council of River Trails
Minnesota, USA



Position pinecone on side. This is the face of the reindeer. Glue red pom pom to tip (or top of pinecone) for nose. Eyes are glued towards back on open petals. Red ribbon is tied in bow and glued under nose. Brown chenille stem is cut into three pieces. Two are two inches. The other is what is left. The large piece is then fitted under the bottom (which is actually the side) of the pine cone to form the antlers. The two, two inch pieces are wrapped on ends to form the antler branches. The brown ribbon is looped and glued to the back to make hanger (the back is actually the bottom).

This is an inexpensive craft we have used at our winter party for Daisy's (US: 5-7 years) through Juniors (US: 9-11 years).

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