Pine Cone Turkeys

Pine Cone Turkeys - Method One


How about making turkeys out of pine cones. Maybe four pine cone turkeys glued to a votive candle holder with a taper inserted.

To make a pine cone into a turkey, cut out a turkey head from construction paper, and some feathers and glue onto the pine cone.

Pine Cone Turkeys - Method Two

Julie O

I found these in last November's Pack-O-Fun they looked cute in the picture but are more difficult:

Materials (for one turkey):


  1. Make the body. Cover work area with newspapers. Paint duck pin with 2 coats of brown. (My suggestion is either skip this step since they're already brown or if the girls are young spray the duck pins with brown spray paint ahead of time--because this would take a long long time to paint these with a brush). Use wire cutters to cut petals from pine cones (I would do this ahead of time depending on the age of the girls and how many cutters you have). Glue one row of petals around bottom of duck pin, rounded ends pointing down with inside of petals facing body. Glue second row of "petals" around body, slightly overlapping the first row. Continue gluing rows up to neck.
  2. Make the face. For beak, trim one pine cone petal to a point. Paint beak yellow. Glue beak to center of head (face forward unless you want her/him looking up at the sky maybe saying their prayers??? HA!). For wattle, fold ribbon into 4 loops with the first longest loop measure 2 inches long. Glue loops together at top (I think I would take a stitch to hold these better) especially if you're using a glue gun because fingers would get burned. Gold end of ribbon over top of bundle and glue to back. Glue wattle centered under beak. For eyes, use marker to dot eyes evenly spaced above beak.
  3. Finish. Hold 20 raffia strands together. Fold strands in half, then in half again. Tie bundle together at center with remaining strand. Fold bundle at center again and tie together at fold. Glue tail to center back of body. Glue Gypsophilia into tail. For wings, glue two large pine cone petals to each of side body.

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