Plucked Chicken

Claudia Lister
Prince Edward Isle Training Commissioner, Guider 1st Montague Pathfinders

Tell a story while you do this trick, about a farmer and his pet chicken.

The pet chicken goes missing and he's terribly afraid his wife may have taken it to cook for dinner!

Lay your napkin out flat on the table. Now tell all the places he looks for the chicken... ie the upper field... and roll the half of the napkin closest to you until it's rolled in to the middle. Now the back field... and roll the upper half down towards the middle. Your napkin should now look like two "pipes" or tubes laying alongside one another.

Now you need to have the farmer look under things... Take the two rolls and turn it over... keep looking and describe where he's looking... and fold the "upside down two tubes" in half by lifting the right end and folding it back onto the left!??!

Hope I haven't lost you yet. You can now see 2 tubes again, but they're half as long. Pick that up and clasp your hand around it at the base, like holding a bouquet. It should look like a bouquet of 4 tubes - a pair on each side.... Keep talking and look inside things or places... behind the kitchen door, in the flour bin, in the cookie jar... and while you're doing that, pull really hard on each tube one by one, trying to "pull" the insides of each tube "out". Keep holding the "bunch" with your left hand if you're left handed, and pull hard on the inside of each tube with your right.... You're getting closer to finding the chicken!

Now remember, the tubes are in pairs because each "pair" is made up of 1/2 the napkin rolled, so it's connected to the other half, right? Please say yes! ... Now, put the fingers and thumb of one hand into one tube from each pair, and the fingers and thumb from the other hand into the other "new pair", trying to grab and pull the insides when you do this. Move your right hand to the top, and your left hand to the bottom, and you should have what looks like a plucked chicken.

Hints, Tips and Friendly Advice:

  1. Don't roll the tubes too tight or it's difficult to "pull" the inside into a kind of cone.
  2. This works best with a big linen table napkin like you get in a restaurant or hotel dining room.

Contributed on - 2 Nov 1997

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