Pocket People

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  1. Bend a twist tie in half to make a body. The twist tie will look like an upside-down "U". The 2 ends of the twist tie will be the Pocket Person's legs. The loop at the top witll be the head.
  2. Twist the other twist tie around the middle of the "U" but close to tht top - you are adding the arms, so they are nearer the head than the feet. (ie. lay the 2nd twist tie down so it crosses the 1st one like a t (small "t"), then take both ends of the 2nd one and pull them to the opposite side).
  3. Trim the length of the arms to a reasonable length.
  4. Twist the Pocket Person's body, under the arms, to form the torso.
  5. Now you have the loop (or fold) for the head, arms added, a torso and 2 legs.
  6. Choose a colour for your pocket person's hair. Be creative! We had green hair with blue heads and wonderful combinations!)
  7. Measure out how long you'd like the hair to be and cut a few pieces of embroidery floss that is double that length. We had some as long as the body, some almost not there!
  8. Tie the hair to the loop at the top of the head. Be creative - braid it if you like!
  9. Glue one end of a piece of embroidery floss to the Pocket Person. Wrap the floss tightly around the twist tie - we started with the head. Wrap enough until the head looks a nice size. Then cut the floss and glue the other end in place.
  10. Repeat step 9 for the arms and torso - don't wrap RIGHT to the tips of the hands or feet, though, unless you plan to use glue to prevent the floss from falling off the tips. USE LOTS OF COLOUR!
  11. Now fold up the ends of the twist ties on the arms and the legs to make hands and feet.
  12. We glued pins onto the back to pin them to a camp hat.

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