Poinsettia Napkin Rings

Kathy Ondrasik
Montachusett Girl Scout Council



Cut 1 - 3 inch square and 1 - 4x8 inch rectangle from the red felt. Cut 1 - 4 inch square from the green felt. Starting with the red; using the rectangle cut a dog bone shape lengthwise. Using the red square cut a four point flower shape. Cut the same flower shape from the green felt. To both flower pieces cut a slit about 1 inch in length in the center. Place the red flower on top of the green flower; fold the bone shape in half and feed through the slit so that the rounded bone ends are on top of the red flower. Open up the bone ends and the loop (that has now formed under the green flower) and you should end up with a poinsettia shape napkin ring.

Easy and fun to put together. Each girl can make a set of four in no time.

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