Tissue Paper Bats And Pumpkins

Margaret Fraser
15th Dartmouth Brownies

We made these as large centerpiece type things a few years ago, but they could be made small too. We made pumpkins and bats out of tissue paper and paper ribbon. For smaller ones, I would probably use actually fabric ribbon as it is more flexible, and so can smush smaller.


Place a small amount of stuffing on the middle of the square of tissue paper. Draw the paper up evenly around the stuffing and gather it at the top. Tie a ribbon around the top just above the stuffing. There should be a few inches about the ribbon to make a sort of ruffled top to the thing. Tie the ribbon in a bow. Decorate as a jack-o'lantern or a bat. The girls put great big feet on them too, which was fun. You could make just about anything using this as a base, just depending on what they cut out to stick on.

For Christmas, we used Christmas print fabric, with pinked edges, and stuffed them with pot pourri. We tied them with seasonal colours of ribbon, and decorated them with holly leaves and red berries. Hope this is some use.

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