Quick Centerpiece

Karen Mcnaughten
Troop 250
Girl Scout Council of Greater St. Louis


  • 1 tall, dripless candle
  • 1 8" round plastic plate
  • 1 clear, 2-liter soda bottle
  • 8" ribbon (1/"8 or 1/4" wide)
  • silk flower(s)
  • glitter
  • hot glue (can substitute caulking at camp or with younger girls)


    1. 1. Remove lid from bottle.
    2. Cut around bottle about 5" from the top (discard bottom section).
    3. Trim top section so that it sits flat
    4. Attach flower to the center of the plate with hot glue or caulking.
    5. Attach lid to plate so that flower is 'captured' inside the 'dome'.
    6. Tie ribbon(s) around the neck of the bottle.
    7. Add a pinch or two of glitter through the bottle opening.
    8. When glue (or caulking) dries, insert candle.

I used a large daisy and 3 1/4"-ribbons in blue, green, and white with a green plate. Substitute what goes in the dome as needed: at camp use pine cones and acorns, for beach themes use shells and sand rather than glitter, for Valentines use candy and a rose bud.

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