Rainy Day Craft Ideas

Brenda Vogsland
Leader GSUSA Troop 3046, co-SUM Lincoln Ridge SU
Chaparral Girl Scout Council
New Mexico, USA

Several ideas come to mind that don't require glue, paint or other things that need to dry.

First is friendship bracelets - use ordinary embroidery floss, you can get many books with instructions for various designs. You will also need a safety pin for each girl so she can pin the end of her bracelet to her pants knee.

Worry dolls - I found some kits at Wal-Mart and have since used the ideas for other designs. These use small clothespins and embroidery floss.

Crocheting or knitting - this might be a good opportunity to teach your girls some simple stitches (now is the time for you to get the instruction books on How To Crochet (Knit) and learn how yourself (-:). This one might cost a little more than the others because you will also need the tools - needles or hooks for each girl as well as the yarn.

Embroidery or other needle art. If you haven't done any of this with the girls I would start with pre-printed quilt squares to do cross stitch and other stitches. Once done your troop will be able to have the squares put to gether for a quilt which you can sew council patches on the other side (-:. Or you can have each girl design her own square to do and make a troop flag with - see it gets to be personal because each girl has put a little of herself into it.

Another activity would be taking turns reading or telling stories. Bring some childrens story books and have the girls practice telling the stories in a way that a child would enjoy.

Don't forget, you can always bring several decks of cards and work on strategies in card games or some board games like chess or checkers.

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