Reindeer Pin

Sherry Askew
Pines of Carolina Girl Scout Council
North Carolina, USA



Head: Place a pencil across the center of the dark brown pipe cleaner or chenille stem and bend in half, forming a round even bend around the pencil. Measure 2 inches up from bend and twist.

Ears: Use the pencil as before to bend each end of pipecleaner or chenille stem inwards. Twist ends together, hiding them behind twist at the top of head.

Antlers: Use the pencil as before to bend a red chenille, glitter or tinsel stem in half, forming a v-shape.

Glue antlers behind twist of reindeer's head.

Finishing: Glue on a red pompom for reindeer's nose and two wiggle eyes. Glue a pinback behind the eyes.

Replace the pin back with a small magnet to make a fridgie or attach the reindeer to a small barrette and wear him in your hair!

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