Ribbon Flowers

Michelle Campbell
Lacka Creek Pottery
Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada

This is a craft we just did for our Mothers at the Mother/Daughter banquet.



Cut the thin wire to about 5 in lengths. Each girl got a strip of ribbon about 10 in long, 5 wires.

Form the wires into petal shapes, twist wire at bottom. Dip into glue, apply onto ribbon. Our glue wasn't working that great (the cheap stuff, not tacky glue), so we just put a second piece of ribbon on top of the first.

Let dry, or put away til next week!

Then cut out the petals, twist the stamens with a little wire, and form into flowers. Wrap florist tape around the wire ends. Then we floral taped plain old safety pins onto the stems so the moms could wear them.

We had Sparks (Canada: 5-6 years) and Brownies (Canada: 7-9 years) doing these, although of course the Sparks needed more help.

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