Felt Rucksac

Margaret A. B. Jones
Valois-Dorval, Quebec, Canada

They are very cute! We made it with felt and you sew it together with embroidery thread.

You'd cut out one piece of felt (sorry no access to scanner to give you pattern!) that could be folded and the front and back are sewed to the sides using an overcast type stitch

-then stuff it with cotton and flip the top flap over and sew it down (we just used two stitches for this).

A folded 1/2 (or was it 1/3 -oops I don't remember!) pipecleaner is sewn down the edges of the back and curls at the bottom (curved folded end of pipecleaner is at the bottom) to hold a bedroll (a small rectangle of felt rolled (I used embroidery thread and tied mine properly)

- we even sewed a little pocket to the front. (advice - sew on pocket before sewing sides and stuffing!)

Its very small just 1 1/4" square x 1/2" wide when finished plus the bedroll at bottom.

We did this with pathfinders. The 'craft leader' had pre cut all the pieces (bedroll, knapsack, pocket, pipecleaner and put in a small ziplock bag) -she had some forest green, lime green, orange, yellow. Some girls then switch pieces to have contrasting coloured pocket/bedroll. All are very unique(some girls use the running stitch - others the blanket stitch.... We sew a safety pin to the back and attach to our hat.

Hints Tip and Friendly Advice:

  • As some girls don't have much experience sewing - lots of time should be alloted for this craft - or another activity ready for the quicker ones!)

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