Space Alien Hand Puppet

Heather Sinardo

One of my all time favourite crafts goes with the space theme. We did this with our guides a couple of years ago, and they loved it. It takes quite a while since there is fabric cutting, sewing etc. It isn't inexpensive, but in typical guiding fashion most of the materials were lying around at Guiders homes, just waiting for the right project! Hope I can explain this well enough. Here goes:

You need for each alien one of those little stretchy gloves that they sell everywhere all winter but you'll go crazy trying to find now (we had the girls bring in their own, and most had a single glove that had lost it's match over the winter anyways). You also need fake fur, stuffing, fabric paint, items to decorate the face with (eg pipecleaner for antena, pompoms, googly eyes, fake eyelashes or whatever is around).

The glove forms the arms and legs of the alien. Decorate it with fabric paint to look extra cute. Do this first so the paint can dry.

For the body: Cut a 9 inch (approx) circle of fake fur. In the center pierce with pipecleaners if you want antenna to pop through the top. Baste a running stitch around the outside of the circle, pull tight and stuff. Secure. This pulls it into a big ball for the body. Attach to top of glove (top as in when you are wearing the glove it would sit on the top surface of your hand and then your fingers are the arms and legs).

For the face: Decorate the front of the ball with whatever. Ours looked cutest, I thought, with pompoms for eyeballs and nose, with googly eyes and eyelashes on pompom to complete the eyes so they really stick out.

(We used cool glue guns to attach facial features, and the antennae were anchored in place before the body got stuffed).

Then you wear the glove alien on your hand and it looks amazing if you were able to follow these pitiful instructions! We originally did this craft at a District Sharing Night for leaders. Almost all of them ended up doing the craft with their units, simplifying as needed depending on the age of girls they had. Guide age were capable of doing the whole thing.

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